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Our unique combination of tech skills and deep knowledge of Credit Unions gives you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on serving your members. We support several Credit Unions, Ongoing Operations is designed to be your IT department’s trusted partner.

 Management of these resources has also required enormous investment in infrastructure and security.

While creating opportunities for success, technology also creates opportunities for fraud and loss.  Protecting against robbery was a matter of investment in traditional security devices such as video cameras, alarms, and risk management staff training.  Robbery and mismanagement were the menaces of the past.  Hacking is the greater risk.  Credit unions must be vigilant, make the necessary decisions and investments to protect their operations.

With assistance from our business partners, products and services, ComTel can help you take advantage of the latest technologies while helping to ensure that your operations remain safe and efficient.  Whether changing your ISP or phone service, optimizing local area networks, or safeguarding your operation through firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and employee monitoring software, ComTel is your on-call technology consultant and supporter.

One important ingredient to the success of any credit union is the ability to find and partner with suppliers that have the products and services that deliver the best value to the credit union.  By acting as an intermediary or implementer with a wide variety of services and offerings, ComTel is able to create an entire experience for credit unions, helping them connect with suppliers offering the best value, products and services.

The credit union system is continually deploying new financial products and delivery channels to make it possible for consumers to get the products they need when they need them and when they want them. We are committed to helping credit unions stay on the cutting edge of this revolution by analyzing the demands of the market and seeking ways by which credit unions can work cooperatively through technology to fashion effective and efficient solutions.

Credit Union Partner with Technical Expertise

We maximize your ROI by providing your organization steps that help you meet your compliance objectives while testing your organization’s security controls as it relates to the regulatory requirements, rules and processes.


  • Risk analysis
  • System life cycle review
  • Organizational review
  • Audit backup procedures
  • Review BCP/DRP plan
  • Review policies
  • External vulnerability assessment
  • Internal vulnerability assessment
  • Assess firewall, router, and telecommunications


  • Assess virus scanner
  • Inspect and photograph physical infrastructure
  • Physical security audit
  • Assess network topology and access including WAP/WEP
  • Phone systems assessment
  • Risk management assessment
  • Assess security management practices


Top trends among Credit Unions that we can help with:

  • 31% of execs are planning to invest in new technologies to be better prepared for regulatory compliance initiatives
  • 33% say upgrading and simplifying core tech programs is the most important IT investment for improving the customer experience
  • 63% of Credit Union execs surveyed cited regulatory risk as a top concern
  • 97% of financial services CEOs see innovation as a key priority for growth
  • 69% of Credit Union CEOs expect to spend more on technology
  • 150 million US adults will be using mobile banking in 2018
  • Happy Customers: 63% of credit unions want to use technology for better member service
  • Regulation: 72% of credit unions reported ongoing regulatory compliance challenges
  • Member Experience: Regardless of asset size, large and small credit unions alike must begin developing a cohesive vision for member experience
  • Priorities: 21% of credit unions rank risk data aggregation as a top IT investment priority
  • Technology Use: 57% credit unions want to use technology for better efficiencies
  • Over 97% of financial services CEOs say innovation is a key priority for growth



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