About us

ComTel.Cloud’s Mission
To be a trusted partner and earn our Customers loyalty, while fostering growth for our company, our families and the community.

ComTel.Cloud’s Values
Lead with initiative and set a good example
Do the right thing, the right way, the first time
Collaborate and cooperate to achieve the most
ComTel.Cloud’s Vision
To build and sustain a respected and profitable Hawaii-based company by:
Making a difference every day, in all that we do
Collaborating with our business partners and leveraging our respective skills and knowledge to deliver superior solutions and services to our Customers
Creating opportunities for personal growth and development of our employees
Investing in and supporting our community

Our team

Meet our team of technology and business professionals. Collaborating with your team as trusted advisers to help take your organization to new heights.

Matt Darrnell CEO

Taking your business to new heights with cloud enabled products and services is what drives Matt every day. When he's not creating unique and innovative services for his clients he's coaching or giving back to his family and community.

Susan Shepherd VP of Consulting and Sales

Solving business problems, and helping her clients grow their business with her keen wit, a sharp mind, and her head in The Cloud.

Greg Jackson VP of Sales & Engineering

Connecting your organization to The Cloud and helping you capture that lightning in a bottle.

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